LOTUS was designed by young entrepreneurs in 2015, who saw the need for clothing that adapts to one’s daily lifestyle.

LOTUS is a fusion between nano-biotechnology and apparel that keeps your clothes fresh and clean anytime and anywhere.

Nanotechnology is used on each LOTUS product— making it waterproof, microbicidal, and insect repelling. Thus, LOTUS is an essential product that everyone must have.

The LOTUS flower is known for its symbolic purity and also for its self- cleansing properties through its natural hydrophobic trait. Given that, LOTUS products have similar characters. Thus, the brand name and logo were ideated.

Technology that is friendly to your skin. Nonirritant.
The idea of creating functional clothing was coined. Research & Development started during the late quarter of this year.
2015 (August)
After over a year of research and development, the first brand line was launched. StayFresh was geared to help people keep fresh through out the day.
2015 (December)
On the same year, the team behind LOTUS were able to come up with further innovation.
EverDry was launched and geared towards helping people stay clean and dry throughout long and busy days. Say goodbye to bad days because of coffee spills or drink stains on your shirt.
2016 (September)
After another year of continuos innovation, the LOTUS team, again, pioneers another industry’s first.
BiteFree was launched and geared towards wanting to do more outdoors. No more nasty insect bites and itchy mosquito bites.

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+63 2 516 90 68